Meet Peanut, CNO

Picture of Peanut the therapy rat napping
Peanut Napping

This is Peanut Butter, aka “Peanut” for short, my Chief Napping Officer. She is a VITAL part of my recovery, assisting me with the all important therapy known as napping, when we’re not both busy nibbling on nommy food. (She’s a foodie just like her mom).

I know ratties are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I can’t recommend them as therapy pets more highly: they are very social, love to snuggle (she sleeps in my armpit a lot when I type up posts), doesn’t need walks (though they can use a good maze or crawling space to keep stimulated) and doesn’t bark or meow. Peanut hardly even squeaks except when I give her a bath, which she hates.

image of Peanut the pet rat in a sweater
Snuggling with mom

Aside from fighting me for kibble now and then, I couldn’t ask for a better companion in this condition. You can keep track of her shenanigans on her own Facebook page (no account required to view). She regularly upstages her mom, and gets way more hits than I do, and rightly so. (She’s waaaay cuter!)

She also makes me roar with laughter, hard, at least once a day. Who could ask for anything more?


PB & Jandroid 3.0

Sad update March 20, 2015: It is with deepest sadness that I report the sudden loss of my beloved Peanut to likely cancer. I was just in the middle of trying to schedule surgery to remove a couple of very rapidly growing tumors she started sporting in her mammary line on the right rear quadrant about a month ago, when she just suddenly up and got very very sick, started drooling and ticcing (literally) and stopped eating and smelled bad. It was also clear she was trying to crawl off into a corner somewhere to hide and likely die.

So I chose to end her suffering quickly and mercifully with the help of a local emergency vet as it was clear there was no possible remedy that wouldn’t just prolong her agony. The good news is, she was extremely happy and active right up until Friday the 20th (her last day, making it a bit shocking, yes), and I was able to comfort her right up until the very end also.  I’m sorry to upset anyone.

She was a real blessing in all our lives, and brought joy to loads of fans and supporters, even many who didn’t originally like ratties much. She melted almost every heart and mind she met. I’m so blessed to have gotten to keep her. Thank you for sharing our journey with me. Again, you can enjoy more of her gut busting antics on her Facebook Page here.

Picture of Peanut the rat and Jandroid owner
Peanut Butter and Jandroid