COVID-19 Resources

image of single enlarged white "virus" ball covered in red prongs representing a generic Coronavirus
It’s here…

It would be the extremely rare person indeed who has not yet heard about the worldwide pandemic that started in 2019. Whence the COrona-VIrus Disease caused by the airborne SARS-COV2 virus that first emerged in China but quickly spread around the world was named COVID-19, to reflect that it arose in 2019. (Corona viruses are the same family as cold viruses we all experience some form of yearly, most of which aren’t nearly so serious.)

It is in the same family as the original 2003 SARS outbreak, which we managed to contain within a period of about six months by 2004. SARS = Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome, a particular family of serious bronchial viruses.

But alas, as many of our community are finding, while bronchial infection and trouble is usually the most acute and problematic issue, many more are finding out that COVID-19 wreaks havoc on many other bodily systems, and can lend to many other problematic and sometimes lethal issues, including blood clotting, and post-viral illness syndromes like ME/CFS and all that entails. (Cranial-cervical settling, strokes, more.) This has become known as COVID long-haulers syndrome, or Long COVID for short.

It has proven quite disabling and even lethal for way too many. Some of my friends have had their lives altered irreparably by it. (It remodeled one friend’s heart, permanently thinning the walls and leaving her on 24×7 oxygen.) It engenders secondary autoimmune disease in many. Among many other issues.

Whence this page is being born in January 2023, as the Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders community seem to once again be disproportionately affected, and once again gaslit and dismissed about this.

So I’m starting this page to begin to collect the medical literature that’s been accumulating around Long COVID to help offset this. (I’d only posted a couple of articles on my home page before now, January, 2023.) I will continue to try to keep this updated as time permits. I usually retweet most that I see, so that’s a great way to mine more if you have the time, until I can catch up here. Last Update 1/15/23

I feel like I’m definitely missing a couple of relevant EDS and COVID articles. Feel free to share them with me at thanks.