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Lost in the wilds of western medicine? Feeling tossed about by the waves in the vast ocean of medical information you have to wade through if you suspect a hypermobility spectrum disorder or form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome? Much less any of our myriad comorbidities? (MCAS, dysautonomia of all kinds, autism, CVID, more.)

Are you a doctor seeking a sort of “Cliff Notes” page For Doctors to catch up on EDS to help the patient in front of you?

I have put literally hundreds if not over a thousand hours into this website over the years since it hatched in 2014. And ended up being tapped as a co-author of the EDS Toolkit for Doctors first published by the Royal College of General Practitioners in London, England in 2018, now hosted by Ehlers-Danlos UK since 2022. (The org, not dot com.)

I strive to keep it as up to date as possible with all of the LATEST and most scientific and well-vetted information from the medical field regarding hypermobility spectrum disorders and all they entail. As well as my own pithy thoughts on the matter. Many (including doctors) have found my insight compelling and helpful. If that’s you, perhaps you could spare a little to keep me in kibble?

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I can use your support!

While I’m happy to provide this content completely for free, my rent alone is over 3/4 of my fixed income leaving me at least $200/month short to meet my basic needs (still, in June 2022). So I can really use your support at any level in any way you see fit below:

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You can become a monthly supporter for as low as $2/month via my Patreon page now. This is the single best support for me, as it is reliable, allowing me to budget and know I will make it from one month to the next.

You can adjust your amount up or down or unsubscribe at any time, and choose from the available premiums on offer there, or just general support. This latter allows me to focus on my writing the most, and for you to avoid sales tax if applicable, which I’m desperate to do!

Consulted by doctors!

My work has actually been used to educate doctors around the world, as an unpaid expert patient contributor to the EDS Toolkit for General Practitioners published by the RCGP in 2018. (And republished at EDS UK in 2022 as mentioned above.)

So know that you are also helping hundreds if not thousands of other wandering patients and doctors by proxy, as we keep this site going together! Thank you!!

May your generosity return to you a thousand fold!