Selected Posts and FAQs

I’m adding this page so as to have a place to refer to all of my top most selected posts in one place. These are blog posts that I refer to the most, and I realized the other day that I tweet them out regularly, but, not everyone is on Twitter! So I’m calling them “Selected Posts” here, since I can’t “pin” them any other way. They are also my top most FAQs.


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Bonus: Dental Freezing (Numbing) Formula that works great for many patients with CTDs:

1/2 mepiva w/out epi, 1 art w/epi 1:100,000

“art” stands for “articaine” *

*articaine and bruvidicaine has worked well for some others
We need low to no epi mixed in or it goes out too fast.
 (Reference: dental numbing, dental freezing)

Selected Posts and FAQs

I will continue to add to this list over time. I also need to drum up some kind of fun image to go with the page. Last updated June 16, 2022.

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Looking for answers

And, I’m now (April 2022) going to add several sections below relating to our major co-occurring conditions with a mix of both static pages and blog posts to also help folks better get up to speed without having to hunt through my site. Sort of like an FAQ section, I just realized! (I’m constantly answering these questions and more on Twitter with the same posts over and over so… tada.)

Suspecting HSD or EDS

Suspecting MCAD of all types

Dysautonomia and EDS and MCAD (“The Trifecta”)

I will continue to add to this page as time and energy allows. Stay tuned for updates. Thanks. Jan, 2022.