Pain and Fibromyalgia

The following is far from all that can be said about pain and EDS and Fibromyalgia and co-occurring rheumatological diseases (arthritis and more). But at least these links are a start. I will keep trying to add more as I’m able. I will also state the while I’m not a doctor, I strongly suspect that Fibromyalgia is a condition easily induced in almost anyone after sufficient stress or trauma. (Not all with fibro will have an EDS or HSD – I don’t think.)

But I’m willing to bet autistic folks with EDS are especially prone to it, just as we are especially prone to trauma, both big and little types. But especially CPTSD. Just my unprofessional hunch. So I strongly suspect most with fibromyalgia to likely have a connective tissue disorder also as I mentioned long ago. The fibro section is toward the bottom. Updated September 9, 2023.

Pain and EDS

Links to Fibromyalgia

* I hasten to note that apparently Atlanto-axial instability from any cause, including head and neck injury (e.g. whiplash) but also EDS can lend to or cause “Straight neck syndrome” as described here. Dec 2022