Helpful Gadgets

Helpful Gadgets
Portable Heat Wrap

Here are some useful gadgets and tools the online (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) community has found to help those with hypermobility and chronic pain.

Check back periodically for updates and additions as I glean more tips and tricks from the EDS support community.

I am primarily listing items that have been recommended by multiple patients. However, nothing works for every single body – you will want to find what works right for yours regardless of our recommendations. There is inevitably some trial and error involved for all.

You might want to get some guidance from a physical therapist or orthotist where appropriate. All of these items are available over the counter. You will need to consult with an orthotist (orthotics specialist) or physical therapist (physiotherapist in UK) for other items such as KAFO’s and AFO’s (braces for knees and ankles which require special fitting especially on growing children). Wheelchair notes are at the bottom, since there are so many to choose from. Good luck!

NB I am an Amazon Affiliate, and do receive a very small commission for any sales from these links. (Trust me, I’m not getting rich! And can use every penny, TY.) Last Updated 4/25/23.

Bracing and Joint/Body Support

Embrace the Brace – great blog by an Ehlers-Danlos patient who has hacked some great solutions


Helps stick ribs back in place in front or back. Many styles and colors to choose from.  Here are few to consider:

Electric JAR Opener

Yes, they exist, and help a LOT.  There are several kinds to consider:

Wrist braces

There are many to choose from online and at most drug stores.  Here are a few:

Knee braces

Those with loose knee caps have sworn by the Cho-Pat Patellar Stabilizer:

Female Rib Brace


Male Chest Compression Vest

Silver Ring Splints

Silver Ring Splints (for holding knuckles in place. A hand orthotist can also fit you for cheaper plastic Oval 8’s as well). Some available on Amazon:

Smart Crutches

Smart Crutches (new style forearm crutches).  SideStix another great ergonomic forearm crutch maker. Some forearm crutches on Amazon too.


FlexSticks adjustable 3-legged walking canes.

SaltStick Products for helping with POTS hydration


Sugru mouldable glue

Back Brace

Back braces to help with slumping and kyphosis available on Amazon:

Security Grab Bars

Stander – floor to ceiling pole with curved handles to help you transfer yourself.  Additional security grab bar poles available on Amazon

Compression Garments

Sigvaris (formerly BiaCare) is one company that makes custom compression garments for those with lipedema and lymphedema “shelves” and lobules on their legs (and other places on the body).  FarrowWraps and Circaids are also medical suppliers for custom compression garments. 

Those that do not require customized garments may be able to buy off the shelf compression bandaging to manage their lymphedema and lipedema.  Speak to your doctor or therapist first to determine best choice of compression pressure and garments.

Exo-Web TM cw-x Tights – think “KT tape sewn in”

Online Shop for EDS

The Body Support Store – my friend John Ferman’s great online EDS support store


Lifewalker – “upright rollator” style walker (circa $600 USD)

LifeGlider – upright “adult stroller” style walker (circa $1500 USD)

BiKube – rolling upright “walker” that you can use hands free – in development, coming soon

Chin Up Strips

Chin Up Strips – helps keep mouth closed to avoid obstructive airway apnea.  Also available on Amazon:

Pain Management

TENS Units

TENS units (several types, ask your physical therapist for guidance)

Microstim Units

Microstim units (several types, ask your physical therapist for guidance)

Sleep Apnea Aides

Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances

Micro CPAP devices

Quell Wearables

Quell wearables (2015) – may work like more portable TENS

Blanket Support

The Blanket Booster appears to no longer be in business, sorry. But here are other blanket lift supports available on Amazon:

And also Foot Sleep Guard (2018)

Wireless Pulse Pain Relief

Oska Pulse wireless pain relieving device (reviewed 2017 here).

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts (warm salt baths help relax muscles and ease pain)

Warm Things

Thermacare Heat Wraps

Thermacare Heat Wraps – available at most drug stores and on Amazon:

Heating Pads

Heating pads and shoulder wraps (most drug stores carry a nice variety now, including some portable ones!)  You can also check out heating pads at Amazon:

Volt heated 3v slippers

Quantum Heat Packs

Quantum Heat Packs (another form of portable, re-usable heat pack) also available at Amazon:


Therapaqs – flexible re-usbable heating/cooling packs (can wrap around ankles, elbows) also available at Amazon:


Power Door Opener

Power door opener /assistance (look for other companies also, may require special installation, shop in your area for installers).  Can purchase on Amazon but recommend professional installation:

Faraday Stylus – the handmade stylus with the fabric tip (helpful for those who can’t grip a pen or pencil)


Detachol – anti-bacterial skin adhesive remover for hospitals to avoid skin tearing when removing adhesives from IV tape, etc.  One patient gave it a good review, saying it really helped on her fragile skin. (EDS skin tears very easily as many of you likely know already.) Available on Amazon for home use:

Instantpot Programmable Pressure Cooker

Instantpot programmable pressure cooker – just got high reviews in my group

Wheelchairs (manual and power)

Wheel Chair Manual
Wheel Chair Manual

Obviously there are tons of different wheelchairs to choose from, new and used, so I’m just offering some tips here to help you get the best one for your body.

Since you will be spending significant time sitting in them, and we have such loose skellies (skeletons) and “shift” so easily, I highly recommend spending the money to be sure you get a good well-cushioned seat in whatever brand or style you buy. (Manual or power).

I strongly recommend avoiding the cheaper “sling” seat whenever possible in the folding manual chairs (like you find at hospitals), unless you have no other option. They can cause issues with your hips and pubic bones shifting and pinching.

I also found the solid foam padded seat of some cheaper power chairs to be too jarring to my fragile spine as I went over bumps in them. The better power chairs have both suspension systems (highly recommended) and better seats, as well as more easily maneuvered control sticks. Istrongly recommend the inflatable (and therefor adjustable) Roho seat for a power chair if possible. They are worth every penny, I promise.

Further, those with POTS (BP issues, need to recline a lot so as not to pass out) might want to look into power chairs that recline. (They exist!) I myself was blessed to score a mint condition used reclining Pride Quantum 600 series power chair with an inflatable Roho seat that I can’t recommend more highly.

Yes, they may be more expensive, but they can keep you from passing out. You might also invest in one of the relatively light, portable albeit static “anti-gravity chairs”, basically a reclining lawn chair for when you need to attend meetings and need to recline. (Great for conferences!)

And here is a great introduction to getting started with wheelchair use from Mobility Works. I hope this information helps guide you to the right chair for you, especially if you will be using one more than not for any length of time. It’s important that it fit your body and meet your medical needs as well as your finances.

ETA 4/25/23: Check out the “Zeen”, designed by the inventor of the Steadicam 50 years ago, that is helping one EDSer get around pretty well.

Please send additional suggestions and reviews to or share in the comments below or via the contact form above in the menu, thanks!

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