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Technical difficulties 9/30/21

ETA: Yay, we got it working again October 4, 2021, just as Facebook proceeded to go out, lol. Sigh. Thanks Mercury! (It’s in retrograde, for thsoe who care about that kind of thing.) No idea exactly what the problem was, but guessing updating my theme helped. Onward…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Original Post 9/30/21 pm: Having temporary technical difficulties

The Hypermobile Red Herring

Or why I think hypermobility is a misleading sign… March 2021 Phew! Crazy times we’re living in. I intended to write this post almost two years ago now. Then, I got a pandemic for my birthday in March 2020. And a second and final (I hope!) move within my preferred apartment building to the top

Sleep and EDS and MCAD

Anyone with any flavor of a connective tissue disorder, and any flavor of Mast Cell Activation Disease can tell you how little restful sleep you can get. People with either an HSD or a form of EDS struggle mightily to sleep at all sometimes for a myriad of reasons I’ll share shortly. And I mean

Housekeeping February 2018

Sorry for any recent confusion, but I’m still working out how to retain existing and capture new subscribers to my blog on my new platform since moving hosts late last month. (Same great content, just in a new, spiffier container!) I just put out a test blog post last week, and it appears no one

Happy Birthday Oh TWIST!

I just realized while talking to my friend recently that my blog was four years old this month, January 2018. How the time has flown! So I decided to wish myself Happy Blogging Birthday, and treat my site to a makeover. Yes, I’ve been radio silent here for a bit as I’ve been super busy

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Patience Grasshopper

Update February 7, 2017: Via The Ehlers-Danlos Society (aka “The EDS”) on Facebook the full new EDS nosology will be published on March 15, 2017. Meanwhile, some preliminary documents have been shared ahead of time, including one that talks about the new “framework” for recognizing and diagnosing the most common, hypermobile form of EDS. So,