Related Research

Related Research

I’m collecting links to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome related research, including research into our many comorbidities, especially the most common two: MCAD and POTS. Please share any other research connections you’re aware of so we can help get funding for these great projects and inform each other about what’s already under way to save spoons and resources for all.

Although it looks like the McDonnell study above is now closed, the original blog post that led me to it seems to think it’s ongoing, but the NIH seems to indicate it’s closed, as per the last link (E) above. Updates welcome in the comments below or to me at thanks.

I just found the search page for studies of Connective Tissue Disease at the NIH too showing all results there, including closed trials. Via here.

Please email other research I should add to: or share in the comments below. Last updated 2/11/19.

Organizations also tracking and funding some research include:

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