Technical difficulties 9/30/21

ETA: Yay, we got it working again October 4, 2021, just as Facebook proceeded to go out, lol. Sigh. Thanks Mercury! (It’s in retrograde, for thsoe who care about that kind of thing.) No idea exactly what the problem was, but guessing updating my theme helped. Onward….

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Original Post 9/30/21 pm:

Having temporary technical difficulties updating my site. I can update blog posts, but not any of my static pages.

I have a very (very) smart friend helping me run this down. We’re debugging all aspects. I’ve updated my theme, browser, windows, cookies, and more. Also tested every plugin one by one. She has the same setup for her site, and hers is now running fine after having the same issue.

Anyway, I’m about to test by switching themse temporarily. So I apologize in advance for the temporary radical change in appearance my longtime followers will see.

(I fully intend to switch back ASAP, but just wanted to let folks know I’m behind all the switching around.)

Thanks for following! See you on the flip side…

Jandroid 9/30/21 (Still true 10/3/21 pm.)

PS And, no dice, waah. So, I’m going to just drop the links I was trying to add to various pages here, for my future reference and your immediate access:

Association between adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and generalised joint hypermobility: A cross-sectional case control comparison 2021 J Psychiatric Res.
Martin Glans 1, Nils Thelin 2, Mats B Humble 3, Marie Elwin 4, Susanne Bejerot 5

Mood symptoms and suicidality across the autism spectrum 2019 Comprehensive Psychiatry



Mast cells exert pro-inflammatory effects of relevance to the pathophyisology of tendinopathy 2013

Hayedeh Behzad,1 Aishwariya Sharma,1 Rouhollah Mousavizadeh,1 Alex Lu,1 and Alex Scottcorresponding author1

And end with a note that October is both Dysautonomia AND ADHD Awareness months, plus October 20th is MCAD Awareness Day. (Why only a day I don’t know but ask the powers that be, not me!)

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